Community Clean-Up Day

Organized by:
Christa McAuliffe Schhol 28 Parent Council

On Saturday, October 27th, our Christa McAuliffe School 28 Parent Council will sponsor a neighborhood clean-up. We are a Pre K-8 Elementary School located in urban Jersey City. Our plan is to have our students, along with their families and friends, clean up the area surrounding our school building. Our goal is to weed, rake, and plant flowers around the building. This is our second year participating in this clean-up which proved to be very successful last school year. We have participants from our Pre K classes up to our 8th graders giving their time to this worthy cause. We believe that our project teaches our students that they can make a difference in our world, even if it's just cleaning up around our school. We also hope this event motivates our students to continue giving back to their community and to see the importance in taking care of their world.

Contact Information:


167 Hancock Avenue
Jersey City, New Jersey, 07307


Daytime: 201-344-4121
Evening: 201-344-4121

Date & Time:

Sat, 2012-10-27 09:00 - 11:00
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